Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands

LoveAmidsttheEgyptianSands_Final.laceyElla fled England once her lover betrayed her to marry another. After shedding her tears, she rebuilds a home in an atmosphere unsuitable for any lady; the archaeological expedition her father commands. But Ella is no lady, and the desert sands of Egypt suit her free spirit.

Julian never stopped loving Ella, even when he said “I do” to another woman. The marriage of convenience ends with his wife’s death, thus freeing him from the bonds of marriage.

Julian hunts Ella down in Egypt. She wants nothing to do with him, but when trapped in a pharaoh’s tomb could a passion be rekindled?

Historical Romance

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Blackness. The only light in this place streamed in from the opening above that had caved in. Ella blinked several times, but her vision remained overwhelmed by shadows. She let out a whimper— her body ached from head to toe.

 A groan not her own echoed throughout the cavernous area.  The ground beneath her shifted. A pang in her chest deprived her of air for the briefest instant, for she was scared witless. She was certain the earth under her was about to shatter open once more, but the impending rupture never came.

Ella groped the area around her and determined it was not dirt she lay on. Beneath her was not soil but a plane of muscle. And pressing against her stomach was an aroused member.


“If you keep touching me like that,” he breathed, “I will never  regret falling into this hellhole.”

She pushed away in disgust, rolling onto the ground beside him.  “We were just swallowed by the earth. How could you possibly be  23aroused at a time like this?”

As her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, she located the outline of Julian’s striking form. With the scant light filtering in from the hole above, a portion of his face was visible. The amused half smile was a feature she could not mistake in the dimness.

With mock innocence, he mused, “A beautiful angel fell onto  me. How could I not be aroused?”

Scowling, Ella rose from her indecent position on the ground. She brushed off her skirts, although soiled clothing was the least of her worries. She was trapped with Julian underground in only God knew where. And she did not trust herself to be alone with him.

“Scoundrel,” she accused. “It seems this angel was dragged into a devil’s pit!”

There was shuffling. He must also be standing. The sudden awareness she had of someone hovering inappropriately close  would validate that assumption.

 “Does it not remind you of Hades and Persephone?” he inquired.

Exasperation tickled her. Peering up into nothingness, she shouted, “Now is not the time to discuss Greek mythology! We must find a way out of here.”

“Ah, my sweet Persephone,” continued Julian. “If we are to stay truthful to the tale, I suppose I am your Hades.”

Ella groaned in frustration. “Cease babbling nonsense!” She shifted her gaze around the dimness. “I was holding a bag when we fell. There is a lantern and matches inside the bag, which will obviously be of use. It must be around here somewhere.” She took a step forward, but a chuckle from Julian halted her.

“What about this situation is comical to you?” she hissed.

 “I am holding the bag,” Julian said simply.

Ella’s jaw slackened. How did the bag magically appear in his  18clutches? And without searching? Some mysteries were better left unsolved.

“Hand it over!” Ella ordered.

Julian brushed past her, leaving a searing mark on her skin. Oh Lord, the obscurity of their surroundings was heightening her awareness of him. Every miniscule action and movement caught her attention, honing her mind only on him. She needed light, and quickly!

“Impatient, little minx.” From the sound of his voice, he was close. Very close.