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Sunday’s Storytelling

Every Sunday, I like to post an old-fashioned writing prompt to help get those creative juices flowing before the work week starts. I’ll post the first line of a story, if I was to write one based on this photo. You try, too! You don’t have to write a story based off of it, it is just a fun exercise in creativity.

Alright, let’s get jiggy with it. I’ll go first. If I was to write a story based on this photo, I would begin with the line, “Honora waited in the tedium of time. She watched as the clock ticked away on the mantel, and she wondered–and wondered!–when Lord Wraithborne would appear for their rendezvous.”

Your turn! Think of the first few lines to a potential story, and please share it in the comment section, if you wish. Maybe this picture will evoke a story, write that next poem, or simply exercise those awesome writing skills. Give it a try!



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