Poem: Self Portrait


by Katherine Givens

Originally published in Black Mirror Magazine.

Muddied eyes, arched brows,

Hair dusky, but short in style

Forehead wrinkled in habit, lips closed,

Delicate hands, callused feet,

Gilt with calm, mind a whirlwind,

Eager for change, frightened

Through its passage,

Soft of voice, trumpeting in temper,

A history carved by scars,

Frightened to say farewell,

Never forgotten in a friend’s


Swept away by laughter,

Romantic without love,

Tired in youth, aging in ideas,

Galloping into ambition,

Cocooned by words,

Steadfast in trust, dweller

Of hope,

A demeanor built in barriers,

Cheerful in the familiar,

Water pulsing through veins, a blade

Dented against stone,

Feather sailing in the breeze, forever lost

On the moors,

Temple weathered through centuries,

A rose alone amongst thorns, a shadow

Slipping through the crows,

A wandering lantern in the midnight hour,

Admirer of moonlight, wary of the dawn.


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