Afloat in Quotes: On Writing


Possibilities are limitless when it comes to the stories a writer creates. We’re only as limited as our imaginations. We write what we hope is worthy of readers. However, there are those who choose to take their imaginations beyond tales and imagination. There are doers who make change in this world. Who build and create and debate in this life. Writers often use these people as inspiration for characters. Sometimes writers also do things worth writing. That’s what the pens of other writers are for.


I know I’ve fallen asleep many times with my journal covering my chest and my pen in my hand. Midway through a scene in a novel or a line in a poem, before going to sleep. Since my stories, my words, were the last thing I contemplated in my waking state, I dreamed of the stories I spun. How many others understand this sweetness I speak of?


Practice improves writing, and the only way to practice is to keep writing. Write through the rejections. Write through the doubts. Write, write, write. It’s the only thing to keep you from failure and moving forward. If you stop, if you cease moving your pen, you’ve failed in defeat.


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