Afloat in Quotes: On Love


Our greatest blessing in life is to love. Without love, we’ve nothing to enjoy. We’ve nothing to think for, nothing to breathe for. Without love, regardless of breed, we’ve little reason to live. Or to wake in the morning.


Do you smile when you give someone a gift? Do you lighten when you make another laugh? Do you feel joy when you do good for another? All these acts, great or small, are love given to another. Love given without selfishness is love in purity. Keeping it to ourselves, never giving it away, is like the sky never pouring rain upon the earth.

thUOO7IZM1Need I say it again? Love leads to happiness, for nothing greater exists. Can you think of life without love? Can you contemplate never sharing love again? Without it, we’d be miserable creatures. So, press the key into your hand and open the gates.


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