Afloat in Quotes: On Rejection


You cannot live to please everyone, for someone will always be unhappy. Someone will always reject you, whether it be in love, life, or writing. One editor will be displeased with your manuscript, poem, short story, etc. While, on the other hand, another editor might find your piece the most refreshing piece of genius to come across their desk in months. Opinions will always vary, but never change yourself, or your writing(if you believe in it wholeheartedly), for the sake of someone else.


Success never comes easily. Not for the greats found within the annals of history, nor the ones you look up to most in life. Success comes with hits and knocks. Rejection. But from rejection we learn how to improve. We build upon ourselves as we climb up the ladder towards success.


Rejection shows you are trying. If you don’t receive news, any news, you are not putting in the effort. Since I am a writer, I’ll put it in terms I understand, and much of my readership comprehends. In order to publish anything, any piece, it must be out circulating. It must be in the hands of editors and agents. Entrusting your work in these hands guarantees rejection, with the slight chance of acceptance. If you do not receive a rejection letter, at least once a week(once a day if you send dozens upon dozens of submissions), you are not putting yourself out there as a writer. I imagine the same thought goes into many other veins of life.


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