Afloat in Quotes: On Hoping


How often do you find yourself daydreaming? Think. What fills your daydreams? Pleasures to have happened throughout the day, or what you wish happened? Hopes fill mine, but perhaps I am a peculiar creature.


Hope means you are not defeated. Despair equivocates to defeat. If you hope, chances are a situation may improve. Hope gives way to contemplation. Perhaps even determination or bravery, which are the leading factors in change. And if you may produce change, circumstances may improve. Life may improve. This is the magic and might of hope.


In darkness there is light. The light may seem far away and untouchable, but it is there. It exists. Above you, within you. It lights the way, guiding you to making a difference. This guide, this guardian, is called hope. The greatest light of all, for in it we may still discover beauty.


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