My Writing Buddy

He’s been with me since the start. When I first began to take my writing more seriously, he lent his quiet support. He’s purred for me when I’ve been down from rejection letters. He’s kneaded me as I’ve worked, and stolen my writing chair on occasion.

md gift 2

He’s Bucky, my adorable feline. He’s my writing buddy, and I love him more than I should. He always lingers at my desk, demanding I give him deserved attention. Mews, coos, and rubbing himself against my legs. If he doesn’t get his way, he doesn’t have a problem with playing dirty. He’ll block my laptop screen and stare at me with wide, love eyes.


But for every word I’ve written, he’s been there. Whether he’s been taking a cat nap or waiting for his Fancy Feast, he’s been with me. Five years and one of my strongest relationship. And I foresee no end as my writing continues on.




2 thoughts on “My Writing Buddy”

  1. I can’t see how you get any work done, with a little cutey like him around.
    I’m not as creative as you, I do cross stitch and that is difficult if my parents cats want your attention. I’ve had them curl up on my knee and go to sleep.

  2. I miss having a cat as a writing-buddy. I developed a cat allergy, though, and for an asthmatic that’s no fun — but I nevertheless held on until Willy trotted off to the litterbox in the sky. Now all I have is virtual cat, Effing Feline, who writes a weekly column on my blog. It’s not quite the same thing.

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