Afloat in Quotes: On Love


Okay, I’ll give an upfront admission. Out of the quotes in this post, Shakespeare’s, here, is my absolute favorite. There’s simplicity in the words, but also complexity. For someone to see you for all that you are, and still choose you above all others, is love at its most pure.


True love. The inspiration for songs. The flame by which poetry burns. True love is a perpetual concept within society, but an elusive entity within individual lives. Most yearn for this. Most of us will create for it(Guilty as charged–as a romance writer and all). However, how many of us actually live within its graces?


Love for friends. Love for strangers. Familial love. Romantic love. Regardless of the breed of love, life would be barren without it. As Oscar Wilde says in the above quote, our hearts would house “sunless gardens.” We’d walk amongst dead flowers without its light.


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