Poem: Best Forgotten



By Katherine Givens

I woke

With the strangest obsession

For a moment long lost,

Long forgotten.

Never am I one to glance

Into the past, for wounds

Torn open taught me

To keep steady on the path ahead.

And yet, somewhere from the depths

Of my slumber’s fog,

I pulled into my rousing mind

A time crystalized for its sweetness, innocence—


I almost fell in love once.

Almost, but not quite.

In his arms he held me,

In the dark he stayed quiet,

His lips hovered close to mine,


Wait, why do I write this?

Never did he kiss me.

Almost, but not quite.

If he had,

Ten thousands poems

I’d dedicate to him,

But the memory stays incomplete,


Thrust it aside.


Never think on it again.

And so this is the last I write

Of an obsession banished

From a life, a mind, promised elsewhere.


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