Poem: Beauty, Wisdom, and Love Obtained


Beauty, Wisdom, and Love Obtained

By Katherine Givens

Once, in years long gone,

I perched myself upon an oak chair,

Elbow resting on the windowsill,

As I counted wishes

On all the stars in the sky.

Wisdom, I asked for.

Beauty, I begged for.

Love, I dreamt of.

But, when the heavens handed

Nothing to me,

I cursed not my luck,

But my foolish sense.

I rose from my seat,

Turned from the window’s glass,

And set upon my own path.

Wisdom, granted.

Daydreaming abandoned,

I worked for my gains,

Leaned through my losses,

And when in the mirror I looked,

Staring back I saw a woman proud.

Beauty, attained.

But what of the last?

Never did talk, dark, and handsome come,

Prince Charming on his white horse run,

Or Mr. Right on my doorstep arrive.

Romance never loomed, not once,

But I appreciated myself all the same.

In triumph, hardship, laughter, pain,

I cherished what my mind reaped,

My hands crafted,

My heart pondered.

Love for self, I found.


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