Afloat in Quotes: On Libraries

ebf66c3403a9f6a912d7ab8822beae76Do you remember when you opened your first library card? Worlds open when one receives their first library card. Endless doors open, and one may decide upon which to enter. We travel, we see, we explore, we learn. We live hundreds upon hundreds of lives. We may travel back to Regency England(often my place of dwelling) or to another planet in the farthest reaches of the Universe. We may become wizards, fairies, doomed lovers, inglorious knights, or beasts from distant lands. We may acquire new skills, such as cooking, crafting, or poetry writing. Adventures begin in the library, but launch when the pages are opened.


Working in a library myself, I possess a deep admiration for this quote. It has been one of my favorites. One I keep handy, especially when trying to match someone in a quoting war(yes, this is a thing). Libraries yield an expansive education, if one takes the initiative to enter and check out books. Absorbing the knowledge within the pages is better than any education. You may sit in a classroom and discuss theory and thought, but those theories and thoughts would not exist without books. Books are the basis of a classroom, but one hour in a classroom cannot cover what an hour of reading may. If you doubt me, commit to Ray Bradbury’s decade of library dwelling and see if your opinion changes.


Wars destroy. Wars create chaos. Wars breed hatred and lust for revenge. Wars do not lead to liberation, but entrapment. Think on any war in history, and you’ll see these characteristics prominent. Education, however, enlightens the mind and soul. Books ushers the mind from ignorance and leads to self-discovery, self-importance, and self-respect. Books spark change. Books spark thought. Books spark innovation and dialogue. Look on history, especially the age of Enlightenment, and you’ll see this is the truth. Libraries, being the houses of books and knowledge, begin the advancements towards enlightenment.


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