Afloat in Quotes: On Determination


Life is about trial and error. Failure leads to learning, so next time we’ve the experience to avoid making a mistake. We build upon these experiences of failing, until we finally start to see progress. Perhaps even success. Many greats tried and failed before finding success. Alexander Graham Bell. Albert Einstein. Stephen King. It matters not if one is a scientist, inventor, doctor, or writer. Regardless of profession, failure leads to success if you’ve the determination to continue.


Chasing after dreams comes with failure. In order to discover our dreams, we must fail. We must push beyond the rejection, disappointment, and failure if we are to see the fruition of our dreams. Of course, I speak as a writer. In my own endeavors I would’ve achieved nothing if I hadn’t continued to push. I’m still chasing my elusive dream, but I am closer after running through rejections and failures and learning from those times. The chase continues, and I am certain so many writers reading this may relate. Not only writers, but anyone with a vision and a dream.


Edith Wharton’s quote, above, resonates in its simplicity. Here, in life, we see two possibilities. Either we may act as the candle or the mirror. The candle lights its own path through the darkness of the world, while the mirror reflects the light of others. We choose to either lead or follow. We may decide upon determination, making our own difference, or we may watch as others do so.


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