Poem: A Smile Is…


By Katherine Givens

Originally published in Black Mirror Magazine.

A curve of the lips, a greeting,

A nicety, selfless,

A gift to passerby,

Unshielded, unguarded,

An open warmth,

A mask lifted, a truth without lies,

A brightness, an insignia of humanity,

A burst unpredicted, a show not praised,

A prize without price, an infectious glimmer,

Crowned with dimples,

Joy’s brushstroke,

Vulnerability granted,

The known and unknown,

Pinned when trapped in the dire,

Held onto as a memento,

Twilight’s linger, the light in the gray,

A handshake unfelt,

A soft lilt in the day’s orchestra,

But, most important of all,

A connection with friend or stranger.


smile 2smile 4smile 6smile 8smile 5

smile 7

DSC08429smile 1


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