Who can’t wait for Poldark?

Last year, a new phenomenon swept through the hearts of many women. Ross Poldark. Or rather Aidan Turner, who plays the brooding British army officer returned to his homeland to find his fiancé engaged to another, his estate in shambles, and his wealth next to nothing.

From what I understand, costume drama hasn’t seen such a craze since Colin Firth played Mr. Darcy in the 1990s production of Pride and Prejudice. This might be an incorrect evaluation of a twenty-something, but Firth might’ve just been displaced as the sex symbol of costume dramas. At the very least, Aidan Turner is the heartthrob of my generation.

After watching the first season, I so look forward to the start of the next. I just can’t wait for the premiere! So, to help get through the wait, here’s a montage I put together of the sexy Poldark. Enjoy 😉



Ross Poldark in his soldiering days.






Hair whipping while brooding.


Ah, now there’s a beautiful smile. Don’t hold back.


Oh, Demelza. You lucky girl.


Now, this is the love I try to capture in my own romance novels.


Who knew scything could be so mesmerizing?


Grand finale! If I’ve learned anything from creating this montage of gifs, I want to learn how to farm.










2 thoughts on “Who can’t wait for Poldark?”

  1. A couple of snippets. Those who do scythe say he did it all wrong. And in our general election last year, the Labour opposition leader Ed Milliband (Jewish, dark, widely and rather unfairly seen as a nerd) ran into a bunch of teenage girls on some celebration who mobbed him, saying he was sexy and reminded them of Poldark.

  2. I am a BIG, BIG fan of the original series and thought at first ON NO DON’T REMAKE POLDARK! But I love the new one, too! It should be the model for how to do a remake RIGHT.

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