Afloat in Quotes: On Romance


Anyone who is an admirer of Emily Bronte will have this quote from her timeless novel, the only one she wrote within her lifetime, will have Heathcliff’s proclamation of love imprinted in his or her mind. For someone to love you so tremendously…for that someone’s passion to burn brighter than another’s within a single day…isn’t this what we all seek?


Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets. Every word he wrote is an echo of love. The above quote is one of my favorites, for the writer’s love encompasses everything about their lover. Including their past. Wherever her feet walked, he blamed her not. He chastised her not. He loved her regardless, which is the true test of love.


Last, but not least in this post, is the mistress to romance. Jane Austen, the truest of artists, penned her romances with wit and intelligence. Her quote here speaks to the tenderness of the heart. Passion is well and good. Passion is needed in love, but tenderness brightens the flame.


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