New Release! Passages of Love: A Collection of Poems

Here I am, pleased to announce the release of my latest work! Passages of Love: A Collection of Poems has been released through Nazar Look, a small press based in Romania. I’ve always wanted to write a poetry collection, but I never tried to complete one. When the editor from Nazar Look asked if I had anything in the making, I leaped onto the opportunity. I had one project in the works, a dusty manuscript buried beneath stacks of paper. After a few weeks of writing, editing, and polishing, Passages of Love became a reality.

Please, enjoy the few poems I’ve selected from the collection!


Questing. Found. Lost. Rediscovered. Love follows these four stages in a cycle of discovery. Through life we travel searching for the one, stumbling through the pitfalls and traps. But the truest of loves is often realized after one glimpse in the mirror. Once we realize the person we ought to cherish is ourselves, the right match may come along.

Now available on Amazon!

Beggars and Paupers

Beggars and paupers

Stride through their days

Without a taste

Of nectarine passion.

They leave the table

Before the fruits,

On modest plates,

Weigh on the arms

Of their servers.

Dining on air,

They puff

About their fullness

Without love,

But if spared

A glance backwards,

The beggars and paupers

Might see their emptiness

In the delight

Of those who stayed seated.


Lantern in the Night

Rays pour through stained glass

Changing the white light of innocence,

Filling my heart divine

With all the hues and colors

Of captured love.

Yet when the outside dims

In the glow still mine,

I carry in my chest

A lantern in the night

To forever guide me to you.



Closed eyes,

Listening with openness,

I recall you through the notes

Of a symphony.

The conductor begins

To wave his hand,

Allowing the journey to start.

Slight whine from the violins,

Creeping through the ebony,

The first we met.

Now, the flute’s trill,

My blood’s beat aflutter

When my sight shared in yours.

Piano—oh, the piano’s lilt!—

Your smile.


Softly goes the conductor,

Until he raises his musicians

Through crescendos

And heart beats.

He cues the drums,

Your footfalls

As you cross the room

Towards me.

Enters the brass

As we talk

Beyond the midnight hour,


As we laugh and learn.

Ah, the notes descend,

Sections drop off,

Until only the drums and violins stay.

An aficionado’s fingers

Pluck at the harp

As I follow you out,

As I continue to do.

Haunting, the music ends,

My eyes open,

With you in the chair

Beside me.

Seven years,

And symphonies still play

To our tune.

I hope you enjoyed these poems, which can be found within the collection. For further readings, please see Passages of Love on Amazon.


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