Mischief by Moonlight by Emily Greenwood

1402276370I am truly smitten with Mischief by Moonlight. This is one of those books I had difficulty putting down. Greenwood’s writing took me on a ride of emotions. One page I was in hysterics laughing, the next I was crying. I rooted for the hero and heroine, Colin Pierce and Josie Cardworthy, from beginning to end.

Colin Pierce has loved Josie Cardworthy for a long time, but he has not acted on his feelings for one simple reason. His friend, Nicholas, is engaged to Josie. He keeps his distance, even when Nicholas goes off to war in Spain. He watches over Josie, as per Nicholas’ wishes, but finds it difficult to rein in temptation after unwittingly drinking a love potion. Yes, a love potion! This little twist in the plot offers some hilarity, especially when Colin, usually a reserved fellow, screams from the rooftop his love for Josie.

Josie remains loyal to Nicholas, even as she begins to understand her friendship with Colin holds a deeper connection. When news reaches her of Nicholas’ demise, she suffers from guilt over her growing attraction to Colin. But Colin sees the opportunity to make Josie his at last. However, a misunderstanding keeps the two apart, but when Nicholas turns up alive Colin decides he will no longer stand in the shadows and watch the woman he loves marry another man.

The story—flawless. The characters—flawless. The romance—amazingly wonderful. I give this book my heartiest recommendation.


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