Teaser: In Her Dreams


The two stood before the door to the library. Alexander held her in his powerful arms, a solace from the disappointments of the waking world. Her head rested against his chest, and she could hear the rapid beating of his heart. His chin rested atop her head, and a hand glided over her back.

     ‘I think I love you,’ whispered Evangeline.

     A chuckle rumbled throughout his body. ‘I know I love you. I have since you first came to me, when you first stepped through this door.’

   She drew back a fraction so she could gaze up into his emerald eyes. The light from the chandelier above caused the amber flecks in those green pools to sparkle like a rare gem. ‘I adore you with every part of myself. My every dreaming and waking moment is dedicated to you, but this is a love that can never be. A part of my mind knows this is only a dream, Alexander.’

     The smile on his face faded. ‘Let us not speak of dreams and reality, but I will say this. I have dreamt of you as well.’

     Evangeline’s brows knitted together. ‘How can that be?’

     ‘Because this is my dream,’ he whispered.


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“With engaging characters and a unique love story, In Her Dreams will sweep you away to another time and place and leave you with tears in your eyes and a huge smile on your face.”  Lusty Penguin Reviews

“This novella manages to pack all the punch of a longer story, while not leaving great gaps in understanding or detail for the reader… Kudos for a wonderful debut offering.”  — I Am, Indeed

“I highly recommend fans of Historical Romance give this novella a try. And even those just looking for a fun, quick read, this novella is well worth adding to your TBR pile.” What the Cat Read


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