Emerald Embrace by Shannon Drake

Emerald_EmbraceEmerald Embrace is written in the fashion of the old gothic romances, which is possibly why this novel remains one of my favorite historical romances! The old castles. The brooding hero. The suspense. How could someone not be enraptured by a darkness encompassed with a sense of hope?

Set in 1865, Martise St. James travels from Virginia to Scotland in search of answers to her closest friend’s untimely death and a valuable emerald that might be the answer to saving her family’s home. Arriving at Castle Creeghan, she is immediately confronted by the secretive family living within the old decrepit walls, the strange and ancient servants, and the alluring Lord Creeghan.

Martise’s search for answers only leads to more questions. Did Lord Creeghan have a hand in her friend’s death? Does he hide the emerald, or do one of his relatives? What haunts the interworking of the castle? And why is she so drawn to the master of the household, even as all these secrets surround him?

Drake masterfully writes a brilliant novel. Sometimes the conversations between characters are repetitive, but this might be done to drive home the mystery. The description of the castle, the odd cast of secondary characters, and sizzling romance between Martise and Lord Creeghan make this romance a surefire winner!


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