Teaser: In Her Dreams


Angela considered probing further, but the face of stone peering down at her prevented the words from passing her lips. Tilting her head slightly, she discerned that embedded in this man’s handsome features was determination. She fancied he possessed the fortitude of a soldier on an expedition of the utmost importance. But what was his mission? And why was Evangeline entangled in his web?

Narrowing her eyes slightly, she decided to feed Alexander morsels of information in the hopes he’d betray his secretive motives. ‘Evangeline is being courted by Manchester. Most of the ton knows a betrothal is looming in the not-so-distant future.’

Emotion slipped into Alexander’s face, weathering the stone until a glint of a gem showed. ‘She is to be engaged?’

‘Yes,’ affirmed Angela.

He directed his gaze to Evangeline, who remained in the arms of Manchester as the violins continued to whine out a tune. His crestfallen bearing suited the melancholy cries of the notes, as if a quiet duet were being sung between the music and his soul. ‘Engaged,’ he repeated, as if the word were a death sentence.

‘Evangeline is not in love with him.’ Angela cringed as she finished the sentence, for she had spoken without thinking. If this information were repeated by Alexander, her mother’s dreams of watching Evangeline marry a duke would be crushed.

Alexander’s focus honed in on her. ‘Does she even want the engagement?’

‘Sir,’ Angela shook her head frantically, her eyes wide. ‘I already revealed too much.’


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“With engaging characters and a unique love story, In Her Dreams will sweep you away to another time and place and leave you with tears in your eyes and a huge smile on your face.”  Lusty Penguin Reviews

“This novella manages to pack all the punch of a longer story, while not leaving great gaps in understanding or detail for the reader… Kudos for a wonderful debut offering.”  — I Am, Indeed

“I highly recommend fans of Historical Romance give this novella a try. And even those just looking for a fun, quick read, this novella is well worth adding to your TBR pile.” What the Cat Read


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