Promises Under the Moon


By Katherine Givens

Originally published in Quail Bell Magazine.

Wreathed in silver light,
Beneath the wandering moon,
Love comes slow.
Banded in your arms,
Lulled into the heart’s quiet tune,
Grief fades into the darkness
Outside our cocoon.
Trust exchanged for trust,
Faith given for faith
We ascend—not fall—into passion.
Without greed, without regrets,
We belong to the night
As we belong to the day.
Wherever travelled,
Wherever stayed,
Wherever tormented,
Wherever bade,
Our souls remain as one
So long as the moon gleams.


10 thoughts on “Promises Under the Moon”

    1. Thank you! The imagery just came into my mind when I wrote this of two lovers reaching for the heavens, not falling to the ground. For, when one is in love, doesn’t the heart soar?

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