Romance Weekly #lovechatwrite


Welcome to Romance Weekly! The other authors of RW and I are attempting a new concept this week. Flash fiction. We’ve each composed a piece of flash fiction containing the words chocolate, candle, and scarf. Most of my manuscript ideas have historical settings, but for this flash fiction I explored new grounds. I took a New Adult idea and flowed with it. Let me know what you think in the comments section!


She rested her head on his shoulder, his strength giving her comfort. Outside the window nighttime lurked, but inside the small cottage it was cozy. The candle sitting on the nearby table illuminated the room, shadows dancing on the floor.

“What are we to do?” she asked, tugging her scarf closer to her neck.

He encircled her with an arm. “We cannot say what we’ve done. Neither of our families will understand.”

She glanced into his sea-green eyes, his chocolate hair glistening in the light. “How are we to avoid the subject of our elopement?” She wriggled her finger, the golden ring glinting. “We cannot deny we are husband and wife.”

He pressed a kiss against her brow. “Let us enjoy the rest of our vacation. How often do two college students get to escape to the Alps?”

“Not often.” She bit her bottom lip. “But I hate being deceitful, even if our parents think we are too young to be married.”

He rested a cheek against her head. “We will tell the truth, in time. But tonight, let us love one another.”


Do you want to see the creativity of the other Romance Weekly writers? Then mosey on to Brenda Margreit’s blog!


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