Who’s Your Hero? Contest

This week I am doing something a little different on my blog. I am hosting the Who’s Your Hero? contest, and I need your help! A small but fantastic group of authors answered a set of questions in the voice of the heroes of one of their selected books. For each day this week one of these interviews will be posted on the blog, starting tomorrow (Sunday, February 9th).

On Valentine’s Day, the one day out of the year meant as an ode to love, a poll will be posted. Based on the interviews read, the readers (YOU!) get to vote on their favorite hero. The heroes interviewed come from an array of romance subgenres, ranging from the historical to the contemporary. The book the winning hero appears in will be featured on the sidebar of my website for the rest of the month of February! So be sure to come back on February 14th to support your favorite hero!


Katherine Givens



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