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‘Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.’

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about writing?

Do you like writing romance? This is the weirdest question I’ve been asked, because the answer should be obvious. If I dedicate hours on a daily basis to writing about romantic interludes and happily ever afters, wouldn’t the answer be yes? I LOVE writing romances!

What was the most exciting thing about your writing career so far?

The most thrilling aspect was when I received a contract offer from Harlequin Escape Publishing for my debut novella In Her Dreams! And four days later I received another contract offer on a novelette from Red Sage Publishing. That week was a whirlwind of excitement and astonishment. I could not believe that in a span of a few days I’d sold two of my manuscripts. The books were not the 80,000 word novels that consume the marketplace, but modestly short pieces. Still, how can one minimize a publication with Harlequin? Or the small press that has published Charlotte Featherstone, Angela Knight, and Jennifer Probst? I was proud of myself, and this delight continues to shine.

Do you get your story ideas from real life or real people? If not, where do they come from?

Sometimes I might mesh the qualities of real people into my characters or integrate my experiences into my writing, but my story ideas generally come from reading history books, dreams, or vague images that simply pop into my head. Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands, due out January 1, 2015 with Red Sage, was born after reading up on Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s tomb. Of course, the story I wrote is filled with sizzling sensuality you would not find in Carter’s story. *WINKS* Sometimes my ideas come from the most obscure images, as with In Her Dreams. This novella orignated from a vague image of a pair of green eyes with amber drops floating in the seductive pools. I sat down to write a descriptive narrative of this image, then before I knew it my pantser skills were cranking out an entire story about two sisters matched with the wrong suitors in Regency England!


I am not the only author participating in Romance Weekly! There are over a dozen other writers participating in this fun and fabulous event where each Tuesday we will go behind the scenes about writing, publishing, and romance novels! The next author this week is Jo Richardson! Follow the link to see how she answered these same questions.


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