Character Interview by J.M. Bray


1. What is your goal right now?

Justus purses his lips and fiddles with the silver-tipped cane he holds. ‘The same thing it’s been since my youth: To live forever.

2. What nefarious means do you plan to use to reach this goal?

‘Nefarious?’ His brow furrows. ‘I’ve never done a nefarious thing in my life. I’m an accomplished sorcerer and my abilities as an herbalist are unmatched. This, along with my intellect and a certain,’ he tilts his head back and forth, ‘determination, led me to find a way to achieve my goal.’

He leans close. ‘You see, I compel an Abyssal creature to carry my Spirit across the Shroud, to your world, where I posses the body of someone.’

His smile lights his eyes. ‘Ingenious, isn’t it?’


3. What were you like as a child?

‘I was a bookish lad, though I did my chores as expected. I was well educated with a happy family. In the Realm around your twelfth year, you face the Choosing. A month or so before mine, our home burned to the ground…along with my family. Did you know that flesh runs like wax when heated enough?

4. What do you have against Vincent and Jule?



5. Do you have any fears?

‘Fear?  Pfft, of course not. Why should I? People are ants, constantly scurrying about living their little lives. They are useful to achieve what I desire and no more. Once they complete the tasks I desire, they are of no use and discarded.’

He taps the end of the cane against the wood floor. ‘Don’t get ideas about my life’s work either. Death is the enemy.’ The tapping stops. ‘Why would I fear something that I’ll defeat?’

6. Do you have any redeeming qualities?

‘Redeeming? That word means nothing to me.’ He crosses his leg at the knee in the tall-backed red chair. ‘Am I to understand that you think any portion of my person is objectionable? Did someone drop you on your head as a child? Everything I’ve mentioned about myself is highly desired.’

7. What do you think of the saying “the good guy always wins”?

‘It’s absolutely true. Which is why I shall.’


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