Guest Post at Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind

In Her Dreams by Katherine Givens

Guest Post

For the next stop of the In Her Dreams Blog Tour, I’m over at Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind for a guest post! For those of you who have read the blurb for In Her Dreams, you know there are two heroes for the two sisters, Evangeline and Angela Vernon. But who exactly are these men? What are their personalities like? How tempting are the two heroes?

The first of the heroes is practical, kindhearted, and gentle. If you were to uproot him from the Victorian era and place him into today’s world, he would be the sort to open doors for you or pull out a chair. He would squash the phrase “chivalry is dead” into oblivion. The second hero is an alluring, striking mystery with molten green eyes and a body like heaven. Can’t say much more, or I’d spoil the delectable surprise.

Want to know more about these dazzling heroes? Follow the link to read more 😉

Guest Post


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