Guest Post at Adria’s Romance Reviews

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Guest Post

The next stop for the In Her Dreams Blog Tour is over at Adria’s Romance Reviews. I had a pleasurable time writing up this guest post, for it has to do with courtship and the “marriage market” in the Victorian era.

Today, marriage starts with two people dating, usually falling in love, and starting a family together. Getting to the altar differed greatly in the Victorian era. Check out the guest post to learn about these differences!

Guest Post


2 thoughts on “Guest Post at Adria’s Romance Reviews”

    1. From a historical standpoint, several marriages were unhappy. The marriage customs were rigid and intense. Matrimony with another usually had to do with what benefitted the families of the man and woman plesging to become husband and wife. However, from an author’s standpoint, these strict rules make for great fun when writing historical romances! It creates fantastical obstacles that my characters, or any characters set in a Victorian romance, must overcome. It always makes for a great story.

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