IN HER DREAMS Blog Tour Schedule

The following are stops for the In Her Dreams Blog Tour. Every day, I shall be at a different blog doing guest posts or interviews. There will also be reviews of In Her Dreams by terrific book bloggers and giveaways of digital copies of In Her Dreams!

1013 In Her Dreams_1400


September 30th

October 1st

October 2nd

October 3rd

October 4th

October 5th

October 6th

October 7th

October 8th

October 9th

October 10th

October 11th

October 12th

October 13th

October 14th


3 thoughts on “IN HER DREAMS Blog Tour Schedule”

  1. Yay You!!! I look forward to following along :). After a recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, the seeds of a historical romance were sown and germinate as I write this now. I’ve so enjoyed observing your progress…it keeps me afloat amidst turbulent waters.

    1. Thank you, Angel! I hope you enjoy every aspect of my blog tour. I worked very hard on it 🙂
      Knowing that my work is appreciated really is a great earnout. I hope you continue to float in those turbulent waters.

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