Cover Reveal for Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands!’s finally here! The cover to my novelette, Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands, has been finalized! A big thank you to the cover artist at Red Sage Publishing, Lacey, who designed this beautiful cover.

The essence of the story is truly captured in this cover. The hero and heroine, Julian and Ella, are the stunning centerpieces. The attraction, vulnerability, and love I envisioned for Julian and Ella is apparent in their embrace. After two years apart, they are drawn to one another, but past betrayals keep the two wary.

The sarcophagus and hieroglyphics in the background also add to the feel of the setting. And where does most of the story take place? Read this unofficial blurb to find out:

Ella fled England once her lover betrayed her to marry another. After shedding her tears, she rebuilds a home in an atmosphere unsuitable for any lady; the archaeological expedition her father commands. But Ella is no lady, and the desert sands of Egypt suit her free spirit.

Julian never stopped loving Ella, even when he said “I do” to another woman. The marriage of convenience ends with his wife’s death, thus freeing him from the bonds of marriage.

Julian hunts Ella down in Egypt. She wants nothing to do with him, but when trapped in a pharaoh’s tomb could a passion be rekindled?


14 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands!”

    1. I had asked the publisher for a more romantic cover, and I am so glad my opinion mattered. The key element to this story and all of my stories is love. I don’t mean to babble, but I’m thrilled this key element is coming across!

    1. It is very full of romance 🙂
      I can’t say too much, because I don’t want to reveal too much of the story. But I will say this. I had fun writing Love Amidst the Egyptian Sands, and I hope you will have fun reading it once it is released.

  1. Congratulations on the book! The cover is very inspiring 😉
    I’m so glad you stopped by Not Pretending. I’m very flattered by the follow, and I plan to do the same here!

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