Perseverance Is Key in my writing career gives me some authority to dispense this bit of advice. When it comes to a dream, goal, or an achievement perseverance is required. Reaching a milestone in an overall plan needs hard work, determination, and a love for what you do. The love is the most important factor, because this sustains your perseverance!

Throughout every bump in the road and obstacle, you must keep pressing on for what is over the horizon. The recent sale of my novella, In Her Dreams, only came to fruition because I outright refused to give up hope. Rejections came and went. Small triumphs were collected, but now a big milestone has finally come.

Perseverance is key. If you quit on a dream or a goal because of a few failures, you just might be cheating yourself. I can certainly vouch that receiving word of the acceptance of my novella back on May 30th changed my perception. It is fueling my drive to continue to search for an agent and to sell my novel, as well as every other novel I intend to write. The embers of my ambition have been fanned and a fire now rages within me, but this only came about because I persevered.


11 thoughts on “Perseverance Is Key”

  1. Reblogged this on jenshinhoshiko18 and commented:
    When you give up, you let go of the chances that you can fulfill your dream. That’s being a coward – and no, I’m not joking about things here! You must have the will to persevere in your dream if you really really want it to come true.

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