Repaired Laptop, Repaired Heart

Here’s an update on a prior post titled, “Broken Laptop, Broken Heart.”

Great news! After biting my fingernails to practically nothing, my laptop is finally fixed! For the past month I’ve been agonizing over the lost of the revisions to my beloved novel.

I took my laptop to a technician at an office chain store, to a friend, and finally to the colleague of a relative. That hunk of junk passed hands so many times, but it finally did fall into the right hands. A huge thank you to the fellow that repaired my hard drive!

And, yes, I’ve been dancing since my manuscript was retrieved. It is saved to three flash drives and a new laptop I recently bought. Also, I am trying something new called a cloud.

My manuscript is now safe and sound. Every paragraph, every sentence, and every word is intact. I can now trek onwards and continue revising this novel. I’m so glad and relieved, because now I will have my strongest work to pitch to a couple of editors and an agent at a conference sponsored by the RWA!

Thank you to all those who read my original post, “Broken Laptop, Broken Heart!” I’m taking all your technical suggestions to heart, and I greatly appreciated the words of comfort when my manuscript was lost. I’m just so happy that it is now found!


33 thoughts on “Repaired Laptop, Repaired Heart”

  1. Multiple saving sounds good to me. But I’m wary of the Cloud … I have the feeling that before long a computer at home will be just a fading memory* anyway, simply a terminal, and everything will be done via connections to (and stored in) The Cloud.

    (* Yes, it was deliberate …)

    1. Lol. I’m suspicious of technology, but I’m always open to trying new things. So far the cloud seems to be a useful tool. However, at the slightest sign that something is wrong I’m ditching it.

  2. So glad to hear you got your manuscript back Katherine! Can’t even begin to imagine where I would begin if that happened to me. I should probably have my manuscript saved in five different places too. Wishing you the best as you pitch your project to editors and an agent.

    1. I hope it never happens to you! It is one of the worst things I’ve ever undergone, so I would recommend saving your manuscript in several places. Even email yourself a copy for extra insurance.

  3. The relief must have been massive! Glad you got your work back; I’m off now to learn from your mistake and buy myself a pen drive – given the age of my laptop I really should have done a proper back-up of everything before this 🙂

  4. Hi Katherine,Its good you fixed your laptop and recovered your documents. 🙂

    Random question, how do you put those pin interest and linked buttons on your site? I just have share buttons for facebook and twitter,I never bothered about it before but people usually ask me where my pin interest button is.
    I also noticed you have a facebook plugin,did that come with your theme?

    1. Everything you see on my website can be set up through WordPress’s blog administration page. When you set up a new post, the option to add or not add the like buttons is available. Also, the buttons for Twitter and Facebook are widgets that can be added. None of it came with my theme. It was all there originally. I hope this helps! 🙂

  5. I fought a losing battle for 6 months with Dell over my laptop. It had a new hard drive, three new mother boards, new daughter board, new battery, new fans and another heat thingy and in the meantime, I bought another one because I felt so unsafe with that one. Luckily I had previously lost part of a manuscript and learnt to save everything on an external drive and send a copy to a gmail account. I have the cloud facility now so would be interested in hearing how you go with it. Not sure how to use it, though 🙂

    1. My laptop that crashed was also a Dell. It took a month, but the files were recovered. Miraculously, the hard drive was also repaired. Now it is running like normal, but I was warned it will crash again. It could crash again next week, next month, next year. I’m not willing to play any games, so I bought myself a Windows RT tablet. So far, I highly recommend it. 🙂 I just started using the cloud program, so I am still very new to how it works. I’m learning, but at a very slow pace.

    2. Ah yes, the Cloud. I have this facility on the new computer with Windows 8 but hadn’t ventured into it yet. Seems like a good way to store documents and not lose them, doesn’t it?

    3. So far, the cloud seems to be working for me. My manuscript, the one I had lost, is now saved onto there. If my computer ever crashes again, we’ll see how useful that cloud is.

  6. Welcome to the cloud, Katherine! This level of understanding and utilizing technology is pretty essential in this day and age.
    PS – your writing is superb. I appreciate good writing. Good luck with your manuscript. Mike

    1. That’s terrible! I felt like I was in the same position. I said to fate that if this novel is meant to be my laptop will be repaired. It worked, but I’m so sorry you lost your manuscript! Did you move on to another even better project?

    2. Eventually I moved on, but the tickling temptation to try to recreate what I lost is always there. It was a sequel to one of my bestsellers, Borderland, set many years after the final events took place. Like with your novel, I tell myself if it’s meant to be realized, it will certainly find its way back to life at some point. Congratulations on your recovery. 🙂

    3. You moved on to bigger and better things! I’m guessing this your loss was not a recent incident, and the devastation is no longer fresh. It’s good to hear you kept on writing!

      I think your idea for a sequel sounds interesting. If it ever does come back to life at some point, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

      And thank you! I’m so glad my novel was saved! 😄

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