Chocolate: An Author’s Addiction the fact that I’ve lost seven pounds in the last two months, I cannot fore go chocolate! Of course I replaced chocolate ice cream with chocolate yogurt, chocolate bars with sugar free chocolate pudding, and chocolate cake with chocolate shakes, but it’d be terrific if I wasn’t so dependent on the delectable substance. Without my daily dose of chocolate, I tend to become cranky and irritab

Cruising through the websites of other authors has proven I’m not alone. Other writers are self-professed chocoholics. Maybe the sweet and savory taste assist in coping with rejection. But a chocolate lava cake also helps celebrate a sale!


25 thoughts on “Chocolate: An Author’s Addiction”

  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. This is a great post about chocolate – if you look back into my archives (I think last December) there is a post about Oaxacan chocolate that you may enjoy. It’s a very different product in southern Mexico.

    Your writing is very beautiful. I have a friend who reads only Historical Romance, and I will definitely send her your way.

    1. I keep getting recommendations for chocolate. I should have posted this earlier!

      After going back and perusing your archives, I think I will try this chocolate. It all sounds so good. And thank you for recommending me to your friend. I highly appreciate it. 😉

  2. I love dark chocolate, the darker the better. I allow myself to have either one or two squares a day. I love 80% to 90%.

    1. Dark chocolate is the best, but I find it hard to limit myself to just a little. Still, I have to in order to follow my diet regimen. *Sigh* You must have great self-control to limit yourself so severely.

  3. When I was scrolling through my feed and I saw the picture with your post I thought it said Here There be Chocolates. . . I think I’ve been watching Pirates of the Caribbean too much. . .

    1. LOL! Maybe I’ll have to write a post about the Pirates of the Caribbean now. I’m also a fan of the franchise, and I can say with utmost confidence you can never have too many pirates in your life. 😉

  4. I also have this addiction. I have to have chocolate every single day. Nom nom. I did a little research and it looks like the physical craving for chocolate can indicate a deficiency in Vit B or Magnesium.
    This isn’t to be confused with the psychological craving for chocolate, of which there is no cure.. haha.

    1. Hmmm. I think chocolate also has iron in it, which is something the body craves. It also releases endorphins in the brain and makes one happy! 🙂
      I think my problem is the psychological craving of chocolate. Lol. How about you?

  5. Hi Katherine, Congratulations on your weight loss!! Good to know it can be done without giving up chocolate.

    By the way…I read somewhere that only 4% of the North American population does not like chocolate. We are definitely in the majority. So, let’s celebrate with chocolate 🙂

    1. Thank you! But to lose the weight, you can only eat like a square or two of chocolate a day. 😦

      Anyone who doesn’t love chocolate is a little strange to me. Either that person is a liar or they haven’t tried chocolate yet. 🙂

  6. I was ‘shocked’ to learn that Twix has shrunk. Outrageous 🙂 From 58 to 50 grams. I know it’s not Lindt, or fancy truffles (you should try them they are wonderful) but still, it hurts 🙂

    1. I was shocked by that decrease in the Twix size as well! I might not eat it very often, but I like a a lot of chocolate when I do. I’ve also loved the Lindt truffles for years. Might I add that it is the best chocolate?

    2. Might I add you are incorrect 🙂 You need to have some fancy truffles. Made by a company called Mathez. They look like large rebbit droppings but they are amazing. Much better than Lindt Lindor Balls. Don’t get me started haha. they are nice, but they are cheeky in the way their boxes are half full, and they do have a manufactured feel to them now. Mathez are better value, and feel hand made, and taste divine. I’ll even offer to give you a money back guarantee haha. If you don’t like them, I’ll buy them off you

    3. I’ve never heard of Mathez chocolates. Even though they might look like large rabbit droppings 😉 I still want to try them! Where might I find this incredibly delectable chocolate?

    4. look them up online. independent shops carry them too. there used to be a website called fancytruffles but I think that has got. Hopefully there is another way to get them in the uk, i ordered from frnace last time

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