Love of the Characters

Characters are what build a manuscript. Without characters, there wouldn’t be a plot, climax, or any action. All a writer ends up with is description, and I would define that as a theme for poetry. Checkout a few of mine if you have the chance, and you will see what I mean.

A story, whether it is flash fiction or a novel, depends on the writer’s cast of characters. For the characters to become vibrant, lively, and interesting, the writer must love the people she or he created. Connect to the characters. Define the essence of the characters. Be the characters!

At the moment, I’m working on a novella with series potential. The hero and heroine have my heart! The hero is a dashing rogue with naughty wit. He is determined to tempt the heroine, and nothing will dissuade him! The heroine is, at the age of twenty six, a spinster. Today that is considered young, but back in the nineteenth century the upper rungs of London’s society considered this age to be on the shelf. Anyway, the heroine is pious, virtuous, and accomplished. She heads charitable works and assists the less fortunate. The Grande Dames of my fictional world consider her the ideal woman, but she has a feisty side!

My love and excitement for these characters are apparent in the novella. The romance sizzles, but offers touching moments when needed. The scenes where the two butt heads are a joy to write, and the slow tumble into love just makes me want to continue to type away at my keyboard!

Hopefully, this will read well when I submit to editors. My experience with this process shows that manuscripts the writer adores have a better shot with publishers. And then the next step is winning the love of you, the reader.

Eternal Hearts


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