Broken Laptop, Broken Heart

My laptop failed on me last week. I turned it on, everything seemed normal as the Dell screen came up, then something strange occurred. A black screen with five options appeared. No matter what option I chose in order to log onto the desktop, each option sent me to a blue screen. After using a computer in my local library, I learned through the wonderful internet that my system had locked me out due to problems with the hard drive. The nickname for my dilemma was “the blue screen of death.”

The information was far from comforting. The problem only lead to my panicking over the files saved to my hard drive. Luckily most of my manuscripts, stories, and outlines were saved to my handy, dandy flash drives, but one very important file wasn’t. The revisions to my novel were gone, locked away on a broken laptop.Guilt 8

All I could do was kick myself in the rear. I kept asking myself, “Why hadn’t I saved the file to my flash drive?” After this I cried a bit, saying inwardly, “It is my fault. I did not save the file.” There was guilt and despair, for that was two and a half weeks of work that just vanished somewhere in the inner workings of a hunk of nuts and bolts.

Reason eventually returned. The tears dried, and there was only the resolve to fix the laptop. I took the laptop to a big name office store, paid a ridiculous fee of $70, and prayed the Microsoft technician there could somehow work his computer wizardry. After waiting a few days, it turned out that my laptop was a hopeless case. The technician encountered too many problems in trying to repair the damage. The hard drive was damaged, because the laptop was nearing its seventh birthday! At least he gave me a refund.

laptop repair servicesSo, I took the laptop home. I tinkered with it myself for a few hours, and I can say with the utmost confidence that I know nothing about technology. Eventually, I gave up trying to fix this dilemma. The co-worker of a relative is attempting to “save” my revisions, but I have my doubts. Still, I’m hoping he’s better than that technician.

I wish I had a better ending to this long story, but fate is still whittling away at it. Maybe I’ll have good news. Maybe I’ll have bad news. Only time will tell, and I’ll be certain to provide an update.


48 thoughts on “Broken Laptop, Broken Heart”

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I’m so sorry to hear what happened and hope it works out for you. Try Apple computers next time you think of purchasing. 🙂

  2. I do so know how you feel, every time my computer takes more than 30 seconds to come up I fear something just like that will happen and everytime it doesn’t I swear this time I WILL back up before I shut down. I suppose if I was wise I would learn from your cautionary tale and change my wicked ways. ; )

  3. I do so know how you feel. Electronic failures reduce me to infantilism, my eyes fill with tears of frustration and I want to bawl. When I have also failed to back-up fully my sense of hopelessness redoubles. So don’t be so hard on yourself, we have all been there. I have no idea where you are based but could give you the names of two tech wizards if you live in London. Hope the story ends well.

    1. The story did end well! In my most recent post titled “Repaired Laptop, Repaired Heart” I give the end to my story. The manuscript is recovered! It is saved on three flash drives and my new laptop! But thank you for the offer of recommending two technicians. 🙂

  4. Sorry to heart that, Katherine. Been there done that BUT instead of my computer dying on me it was my flash drive. Had the final edits on it. It happened to me twice so far, always right before I’m about to release another novel. One might think that I’ve learned my lesson. I’m now halfway through another story and sure enough I haven’t saved it anywhere else but on my flash drive. On my way to save my work!

    1. Thank you, but my novel was saved by a brilliant technician! My manuscript is now saved on three flash drives and a new laptop. I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Twice! Do save that novel! And good luck on finishing this novel 🙂

  5. The infamous BSOD! I work for the largest computer manufacturer on the planet… I’m a cursed engineer… and the BSOD is inescapable! And knowing how PCs are manufactured, your pretty much left to the luck of the draw… some last eternally, others not so. back up, backup, backup… i use the cloud, a local hard drive, paper copies and manually copied copies. even then, i’m at risk… printed material and copies in the hands of others is the only way to stay alive… and then, only posthumously will they be read… hang tough. It’s all free spirited electrons. 🙂

    1. I believe you when you say it’s all luck! Since my knowledge with computers is limited, all I can do is beg those pesky electrons to work in my favor. Sometimes that unscientific approach works. Other times it doesn’t.

  6. Aw, darlin’, that’s cruel. I just blogged about rebuilding my own system after a hard-drive failure this week. My experience wasn’t as bad as yours (not by a long shot); I was lucky and caught the problems early. But I’ve been where you are now, and know that sick pit-of-the-stomach feeling… Hugs.

    1. Thanks. I was depressed for a while, but a new manuscript has me feeling a little less sick. In fact, I’m exciting about the novella I’m working on, but when I think back on mu novel…it’s just terrible.

  7. My second computer died from a storm surge. I’d gotten very lax about backing up, and lost a lot of stuff.
    A flash drive is good, but now I also back up to a hard drive once every month or two. That way I don’t lose all the software, entries on my iCal, etc.

    1. I know there are lots of conspiracies about saving stuff online, but I would recommend saving to a cloud of some kind. It’s available to log in from wherever, and it doesn’t crash or get lost like a flashdrive. The iCloud is the best, if you have an Apple id, but there are lots of other good options out there. Something to look into at least!

    2. I looked into what you were saying, and I think I understand what a cloud is. I’m not up-to-date with all the facets of technology, because I am always working on my manuscripts. Technology changes and updates every six months, so it is hard to keep track! LOL. Thank you for your help!

    3. Hope it helped! Glad to do so. Technology is indeed confusing, and the more you learn about what we can do with it, the scarier and more overwhelming it becomes. Too many people have way too much power, but we already knew that, didn’t we?

    4. You were a big help! As to too many people holding power, that’s very apparent with all that is happening in the U.S. It’s frightening to learn how much power a person, organization, or government can hold without individuals realizing it.

  8. Gah! I hate that. My Dell laptop ate an entire book I wrote, and I didn’t even OWN a flashdrive to save it on. Yep. I remember how that feels!! Here’s hoping that your work can be salvaged!

    1. Thank you! It helps to know that I’m not the only one that has suffered from this type of blunder!

      By the way, my laptop was a Dell. Maybe the company is sabotaging writers, lol.

  9. I am so sorry to hear that! My home PC is almost 7 yrs old time to get a new one I think

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  10. What you went through is one of my greatest fears — loss of so much work if not backed up. I’m going to start being more diligent in saving all my writings to a flashdrive. I hope someone can unlock for you . . . ~Susan 😉

    1. I only lost two weeks worth of revisions, but I’d spent hours every day on that manuscript. Luckily all my other work is backed up on two flash drives. But my revisions are gone!

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