Winning the Heart of a Writer

Clever word play for a title might inspire a plot. An emotional scene might make me eager to build a story around it. A dynamic character could be an interesting inclusion in a half-finished manuscript. The problem is my mind is bombarded with ideas everyday!

A writer must be selective about which ideas to pursue, for the hours in the day are limited. I choose the ideas that win my heart and stick with it. If a project was pushed aside every time a new idea popped up, none of my manuscripts would ever be completed. Often, these ideas can be added in a work-in-progress, but not all the time. There must be a limitation or a manuscript will become littered and overworked.

Of course, several of those ideas plaguing my mind could be of use later on. What I do is keep a journal filled with bullet points and tabs, but it acts as a reference if I require inspiration or a new project. Keeping this journal allows for past ideas to compete for my heart. And who knows? I might actually fall back in love with old inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Winning the Heart of a Writer”

  1. Thank you for writing this post Katherine. Toiling away in solitude, it’s easy to forget that I’m not the only person having to filter through the cornucopia of ideas jotted down on notecards in the hopes of finishing one that really feeds my soul. I like the idea of one journal to capture all those ideas and have been thinking of taping my cards into a binder…but that task will certainly consume a hefty chunk of those limited writing hours. Perhaps another day. 🙂

    1. The journal does help, especially when you might enter a funk in a manuscript and need inspiration. Or when you need an idea to start another project. Maybe with those note cards you can just staple them together, or use a hole puncher to make two holes and tie it all together with string. Good luck!

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