Remember the Small Things

It is easy to lose one’s self in the stresses of scheduling, rushing to work, taking notes in college courses, and, of course, the demands of writing. The immersion into obligations and commitments can lead one astray, often forgetting the details in the big picture.

During lunch, instead of fuming about your demanding boss or disruptive coworker, why not enjoy eating a nice meal with friends? Or even alone without anyone save positive thoughts. After a tiring day, can’t you bask in the adoration of your loving pet? After hearing a professor repeat the words “well” and “like” twenty times in a lecture, can’t you sing along to the tunes playing on the radio as you commute home?

Fulfilling obligations and commitments is necessary to building the framework of a life, but it is the small things that will decorate your abode. Remember this, whatever your difficult situations might be.


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