Scent of a Book

One of my sisters says this is strange, but I love the smell of an old book. If there was a perfume that smelled like an old book, I would run to the closest store and buy a dozen bottles. But that first whiff is only the beginning of a feast for the senses. There is the feel of rough binding and smooth paper. There is the sound of crinkling as a page is turned. And the desert is the sight of the text! The story! The plot! The characters! All of this begins when a page is opened, and the aroma of a book welcomes, no, beckons the reader into another world. Into another’s mind.


15 thoughts on “Scent of a Book”

  1. Same here. I used to work in an archives dept, there’s a real magic to opening something from years, decades or even centuries ago. It’s kind of strange to me that there are people growing up on e-readers who will never have that experience.

  2. Science has shown that a sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses when it comes to evoking memory. Marcel Proust wrote a six volume literary masterpiece on the subject of his recollection of the scent of a Madeline cookie. I also like it when the smell of an old book is mingled with the sweet scent of pipe smoke from some long ago library. This is one area where the kindle will never be able to compete.

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