My Les Misérables Addiction

I read the book by Victor Hugo. I went to the movie theater the day the film was released, crying my eyes out alongside the other audience members when Anne Hathaway’s Fontaine sang “I Dreamed A Dream” and when Valjean ascended into heaven. I bought an iTunes card and greedily downloaded all of the songs. I bought the DVD, and I am certain my replay button will be broken soon.

This obsession has seered the songs, scenes, and words into my mind. My constant humming, whistling, and singing is wearing on the nerves of my friends and family. Despite irritating others, I cannot seem to stop!

But who could not love Hugo’s literary masterpiece turned musical turned movie? I will not apologize for being another zealous fan of this ingenious work. Put that on the record!


8 thoughts on “My Les Misérables Addiction”

  1. I finally finished the unabridged Les Miserables a few days ago after reading it for three years. I didn’t matter to me how long it took to read it—the process was just part of the fun. There’s about fifty (well, that’s exaggeration) stick-it notes in it marking my favorite places. (I have found in a 1,400 page plus book it can be difficult to try to find a particular chapter!)

    My brother thinks I’m crazy when a go about the house singing (from the musical): “Red, the blood of angry men; Black, the dark of ages past,” or (from the book):

    En voyant Lafayette
    Le gendarme repete
    Sauvons-nous! Sauvons-nous! Sauvons-nous!

    1. Congratulations on finishing the book! There’s nothing like reading the last page of a terrific book. You are sad the experience is over, but glad you came for the ride.

      My siblings treated me the exact same way whenever I skipped around the house quoting books and musicals. I was either told to quiet down or that I am nuts.

  2. I confess – I am another addict. In high school a friend gave me a cassette tape (I’m dating myself aren’t I?) of the entire musical and I played it over and over until the tape broke!

    1. I’m also a big language nerd in general, so it wasn’t an unpleasant task or anything like that 🙂 but Les Mis is why I chose French when I decided to take classes in a third language

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