Two Announcements!

poetryToday, I have two announcements to share. The first is an upcoming magazine publication! Two of my poems shall be published in the Haunted Waters Press’ From The Depths. The poems are to be “Confidants” and “The Wallflower,” the later being a very dear poem expressing my teenage years.

The second announcement is that my website has been revamped! Redesigned!Updated! Beautified! And any other amazing adjectives you could possibly think of! The site has been redesigned to suit the direction in which I wish to take my career as an author.

The path I am now traversing, and started down when I began this blog a year ago, is the life of a historical romance author. Maybe those of you who have been following my blog for a while might recall my past publications, such as “Fate and Free Will” in The Enchanted File Cabinet or “Ten Months” in the Daily Love. 

Resume Editing

Those short stories were me testing the waters. Now I’m diving in head first! Despite any rejections or criticisms, I shall be dedicating much of my time this summer to writing fresh manuscripts, pitching to editors, and doing revisions. At the moment, I have one of my novels being looked at by an agent. Two novellas are in the hands of editors at small presses or digital imprints of the big six.

Maybe by the end of the year the cover to a book will be on the homepage of my website. That is the goal, and I hope to bring my writing to those eager to read a story certain to satisfy your romance cravings. Until then, enjoy my redesigned website with updated links, author bio, homepage, and contact form!


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