Sometimes Being A Writer Is Lonely

To hone in on a skill, maintain this skill, and publish manuscripts, a writer must write on a daily basis. With deadlines to meet, a writer could be trapped in front of a journal page or behind a laptop for hours at a time. Often, such as in my situation, a writer becomes so determined to complete a manuscript or so immersed in the story created that the time just ticks by.

This time spent lost in one’s imagination may lead to loneliness. Sometimes a writer spends more time with his or her characters then with friends or family! Speaking from experience, I have had to exchange outings with friends for the thrills of a ballroom scene in need of some work. I have said “no” to visiting family to plot new projects. This past weekend, in order to meet a deadline, I had to turn down a movie night with my siblings!

Periods of feeling lonely will strike a writer, but often the cure is understanding how to utilize time. I’ve learned to put aside a few spare hours for writing each day, but also to give time to loved ones. Remember the movie night I turned down? Well, I ended up watching Lincoln with my siblings after my deadline was met. It just took a little scheduling.


13 thoughts on “Sometimes Being A Writer Is Lonely”

  1. I just wrote about sometimes caring more about my characters than my family–haha. Writing can also be a great escape where you get to CONTROL everything (insert evil laugh).

  2. My problem is the opposite–the real life claims on my time make writing take an unfortunate back seat to my other obligations. I admire your commitment to your craft. How do you do it? And how do others take it when you beg off because you have to write?

    1. Thank you! What I try to do is dedicate a set time to my writing. Maybe three or four hours a day. Its a significant amount of time, but I have goals I’d like to achieve. Then set time aside for family and friends. When I tell a friend or a family member that I can’t commit to something fun, I make up for it by saying “Please wait until tomorrow” or “Maybe the afternoon is better?” Normally my loved ones understand.

  3. I am totally undisciplined with my time and my mind is often filled with chaos that everyday life brings. I yearn to be published yet I know I must dedicate more time to the craft in order to improve. When I write I find peace…then loneliness. Though I don’t consider myself a “writer” I do understand what you wrote hear. Nice to know I am not “alone”.

    1. This post was about my own experiences as a writer, but loneliness can affect people in a variety of professions and hobbies. Artists, photographers, musicians. And the less “artsy” crowd, such as lawyers, librarians, cashiers, etc.

      We as artists need to learn when to walk away from our writing if loneliness begins to plague. Find a happy medium and all should be well.

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