Ten Months: Part 8

Ten Months

By Katherine Givens

Originally published in the Daily Love.


April 30, 1810
Dear Henrietta,
My God! I could not bare the thought of you in a drunken brawl! I could not bare the sight of you in a tavern with men clamoring to grope anything feminine or cursing like sailors! You have come to mean too much to me for me to learn that you are hurt or scarred. It is your right to live, but within reason. What if you were to break your neck or crack a rib from an outrageous adventure? Please, promise you shall not do anything rash. Henrietta, I believe that you are a strong woman. You are also compassionate, kind, and generous. We may have only met in person on a few occasions, but our correspondence has shed light on your true character. Live life to the fullest, but do not bring harm to yourself.