Ten Months: Part 7

Ten Months

By Katherine Givens

Originally published in the Daily Love.


April 16, 1810
Dear Charles,
Spring is upon us. Earth’s white blanket has been folded by Mother Nature and stored for next year. I can resume my walks, without my mother’s worry. Or yours. Your description of Derbyshire varies from what I have seen. The country is beautiful, but my social experiences are dismal. As a sheltered woman, my view was limited to country balls, social calls, and sleigh rides with possible suitors. My walks into the surrounding forestry are an escape from my gilt cage. What you have experienced seems invigorating and lively! What I would give to travel with an entertaining pair such as the Earl of Matlock and his wife! What I would give to sit in a tavern for a night or to be an opponent in a brawl! The appeal of actually living is wonderful compared to the belief that because I am a female I am a wilting flower.
P.S. If I could, I would vanquish Napoleon Bonaparte and his army for you. If I were a genie, I would grant your wish to return to Britain. If a wish on a star meant anything, I would wish that we could meet in our homeland.