Ten Months: Part 5

Ten Months

By Katherine Givens

Originally published in the Daily Love.


March 4, 1810
Dear Mr. Chatham,
Flora has not written a single letter to me, but avidly writes to her friends. They boast of their contact with her and carry her notes around like a prize from a hunt. Still, I write to Flora about your love for her.
Derbyshire is lovely. The landscape is just as I imagined it. I often anger my mother with the walks I take. She believes I will catch a cold. But how can I resist the crunch of snow under my feet and the cloudy skies overhead? When did you visit this, as you say, gem? I am eager to hear more of this tale.
Let me end this letter by thanking you for your services to our country. I am not saying this out of duty or obligation. I offer my sincerest gratitude, for I can only imagine what you are suffering as you assist the Spanish in their rebellion.
Stay Safe,
Henrietta Misler