Ten Months: Part 3

Ten Months

By Katherine Givens

Originally published in the Daily Love.


January 17, 1810
Dear Mr. Chatham,
I am surprised you remember me! Your memory is better than mine, for I forgot that we even conversed. I wrote to Flora about your love, but I am uncertain if she will reply. She is dead set on briefly severing all ties with Britain as she tours what once belonged to our nation. My theory is that she is searching her soul and wishes to do so in private. Much like a monk in a scriptoria.
Things here in Britain are very peaceful. Most of the conversations in the salons and ballrooms revolve around the war with Napoleon. What an odious, little dictator this man must be if he has the ton so wound up–I apologize. I should not be raving about this topic for it must distress you greatly. I shall try to write of more pleasant things.
My family is planning on traveling to Derbyshire for the remainder of Christmas. I have been to Derbyshire several times, but never in the winter. The rolling hills must appear magical at this time of year, especially after a fresh blanket of snow covers the land. I wonder what the Druids thought of the brilliancy of the untamed wilderness as snowflakes sprinkled from the skies.
Henrietta Minsler