Ten Months: Part 1

In honor of the spring months, I have decided to post in segments one of my past short historical romances. “Ten Months” was originally published in the Daily Love in December 2012. Now I will share it with you throughout April! Enjoy the first piece below!

Ten Months

By Katherine Givens

Originally published in the Daily Love.


November 25, 1809

Dear Mr. Chatham,
As you open this, you are probably wondering why you are receiving a letter from your fiancé’s younger sister. Let this quick explanation ease your curiosity. Flora is currently touring the Americas while you are risking life and limp fighting against Bonaparte’s forces in Spain. She claims to not have time to scribble a quick note to you here and there. Even though we have only met on two occasions, Flora has charged me with the task of composing letters to provide a slight comfort from all the blood and gore that surrounds you. Perhaps letters from a stranger is not what you would have in mind, but I shall try my best to be some sort of companion. I apologize for Flora’s neglect.
Henrietta Minsler