Waiting Is A Virtue

If I have learned anything in the past few months, it is a writer must be patient in waiting for replies from agents and editors. When I received my first request from an agent to see pages from my manuscript, I was over the moon. For days on end, all I could talk about was that an agent had enough interest in my manuscript to actually see more. My friends and family became worn out with this incessant chatter, but it was (and is) an exciting time in my life! If you had finished a novel, wrote up a query letter, prepared a synopsis, and then had an agent ask to see more of your work, wouldn’t you be telling anything with ears?

For the first few days I constantly checked my email, naively thinking that the agent would reply to my requested material quickly. Boy, was I wrong. I had to wait over a month until the agent asked to see the full manuscript, but I quickly mastered my impatience.

Besides, along the way a few other agents showed interest in the manuscript and requested to see more! Even an editor from The Wild Rose Press became interested in a novelette I wrote a few months ago. It was these small triumphs that tempered my anxiousness. And I am still waiting on several replies, but no matter the outcome the wait will have been worth it. Doesn’t the saying go, “All good things take time?”