The Count Has Reached The Twenties!

My twentieth magazine publication is due for release in January. My poem, “Creating A Mosaic,” will be in the Winter 2013 issue of WestWard Quarterly, a print magazine.

As each publication rolls in I find myself adjusting to the idea that I am no longer an aspiring writer. I am an author. A year ago I would have not believed this possible, but now I think anything can happen if you just apply yourself. My ultimate goal is still a ways down the road, but it will be reached in due time. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the walk!

I received an email from the editor of WestWard Quarterly last night stating that my poem was accepted. The excitement I had kept me up until 3:00AM. Well, that and I was also working on my novelette. As I type this post I am yawning profusely. I would try to make this post longer, but I need to hit the hay. Good night! Or should I say good morning?