Publication In Daily Love!

My short story “Ten Months” will be published and featured in the Daily Love on December 11, 2012. It took a while to find this short story a proper home, but I am glad to say that this online magazine accepted it.

Being a member of the Romance Writers of America, “Ten Months” is certainly up my alley because the piece is a historical romance. Let me make this clear, it is a sweet romance and not erotica. The characters do not have much of an opportunity to become physical anyway, because their love buds through a series of letters. The hero and heroine come to adore one another’s mind, heart, and soul before coming face to face in the story’s conclusion.

I believe the story will be satisfying for my female readers and my male readers. I would know. I wrote the story! So I hope both genders will anticipate the publication of “Ten Months” on December 11, 2012. The story will be online and available for free. I will provide a link to Daily Love on that date so all may enjoy!