Publication in MUSED!

My poem, “The Pianist,” will be published in the Winter Solstice 2012 issue of MUSED – the BellaOnline Literary Review Magazine. Whew, that is one long title for a magazine! Regardless of the wordy name, I am honored to be published in MUSED.

This magazine is difficult to get published in. I am speaking from firsthand experience. Over the summer, a batch of poems of mine were rejected by this magazine. Being the stubborn oaf that I am, I resubmitted new poems the next week. I had to wait three months for a response, but the time was well worth it because one poem was accepted! As a writer, I won this small battle. It will take a few years to win the war (which is becoming a published novelist)!

This is a lesson in perseverance. If your desire for something is so overpowering, you will not quit until you have reached your goal. For all of my readers with dreams and ambitions, let me leave you with this one message. Keep trying! Let my experience be a positive lesson for you.